When you scroll past headlines about the humanitarian crisis at our southern border, they can sometimes start to blur together and the real human tragedies unfolding can just leave you feeling numb and overwhelmed. Then you see a story like this and it's a stark reminder of the inhumanity going on.

A special Texas Rangers tactical team recently saved the life of a 6-month-old baby girl who they say was thrown from a boat and into the Rio Grande.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, it happened on Tuesday, March 16 in the border town of Roma.

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DPS reports that the little girl was thrown from a raft by smugglers who had earlier assaulted the girl's mother in Mexico, breaking the woman's leg.

The baby and her mother were discovered and saved by members of the South Texas Special Operations Group, a division of the Texas Rangers. According to DPS, the Special Operations Group's conducts missions in remote areas where conventional police operations just aren't possible.

It's not clear if the smugglers were caught, but let's hope justice (and karma) catches up with them. Just imagine the sort of person who would throw a baby into a river to drown in order to save their own skin.

No matter your stance on how our border is being policed right now, I think we're all glad to see that this little girl's life was saved. You have to wonder how many cases that don't end happily we never hear about.

Back in 2016, the Texas Tribune published a feature on Roma titled Roma, Texas: A Smuggler's Paradise. It's a heartbreaking but informative read.

As long as there are people trying to escape to the U.S. for a better life, there will be monsters looking to take advantage of them. It almost cost this little girl her life.

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