I know my own mother remembers exactly where she was and what she was doing when she went into labor with each of her four children, and to this day can still tell us all stories about the circumstances. Thankfully for her, there were no close calls.

While my own Mom is also a nurse, I can say she was lucky enough to always arrive at the hospital with plenty of time to give birth in the presence of a doctor.

Texas Nurse Gives Birth Alone in Gas Station Restroom

Over in Fort Bend County, one Texas Mom ran out of time and ended up giving birth inside the bathroom of a Pilot Gas station. Fox7Austin reports Victoria, Texas resident Kaitlyn Fullerton was headed home from Houston when the clock ran out.

Kaitlyn and her husband stopped at the Pilot in Beasley, Texas. She went into the restroom and reports say she started praying "God, please don't let me have this baby in this restroom". Sometimes God has other plans.

Kaitlyn Gave Birth Standing Up

Texas strong. What else comes to mind to describe a woman giving birth by herself? What about a woman giving birth by herself in the bathroom of a Pilot station? Meanwhile, Kaitlyn's husband was waiting patiently out in the car when he noticed someone was knocking on the bathroom door that his wife was in. Kaitlyn's husband, Sergio Mancera, was then told, "Hey, your wife just gave birth."

Kaitlyn was in fact standing up the entire time and caught the baby as it came into the world. Baby Callihan was born weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces this past Sunday.

Congratulations to this Crossroads family! We are so glad to report that baby Callihan is doing just fine. Kaitlyn's background as a licensed vocational nurse came in very handy indeed.

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