As a self-proclaimed river rat, I love a traditional (read purist) inner tube to float the waters in Texas. Not my favorite in our Texas waters are water moccasins and those dang giant unicorn floats! But in celebration and in honor of laborers in Texas on Labor Day weekend I say whatever floats your boat, especially when your floats just happen to be Texas-themed!

Bonus, since it's basically the beginning of winter for the rest of the U.S. many of these floats can be found on sale. We still have at LEAST two months of floating the river ahead of us!

Enjoy our gallery of Texas-themed floats and enjoy your Labor Day Holiday!

Texas Themed Floats


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Here is a link for all of the Texas-themed floats I've included in the gallery. Thank you to Amazon as credited above for photos.

Lost Shaker of Salt 

Giant Guitar

Llama Pinata

Chili Pepper

Hobby Horse

Cow Not to Be Confused With Bull 


Day of the Dead

Taco Loco



Bull on a Budget


Have a safe and fantastic weekend!

If you happen to get out in the water for the weekend send us a pic! 

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Or you can use your Texas-themed float at this house!

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