Here is a topic that is up for discussion. A youth football team in North Texas is not being allowed in the playoffs. The reason why? Because they are ‘too good.’ As reported by CLICK2HOUSTON, the Flower Mound Rebels, which is made up of 7- and 8-year-olds, had a perfect record and had outscored their opponents 199-6.

Rhett Taylor of the Keller Youth Association and is a coach in the league whose team also lost to the Rebels, 33-0.  He says the team is just too good, however, the Rebels coach says he’s being a sore loser. Taylor admits that they are too good and are a 'select' level team and are too good for a rec level team.  What do you think about this decision from the Association?

I personally think these kids should be able to compete in this game.  I mean, If you put the work in on the practice field and this is the final product. You should be applauded and rewarded for your efforts. Not punished. Or do you fall on the other end of the spectrum, where you think this is unfair to the other teams? Do you think that sends a message to our kids?   Let us know in the comments of this Facebook post.

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