Texas isn't exactly a haven for meat-free food. With BBQ and fresh cattle lingering around the entire state, it's a little harder to find something a little less, alive. But, do not be discouraged, because if you know where to look, there are some pretty delicious options out there.

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Ditching Meat For a New Lifestyle

About 17 years ago I decided to ditch meat and at a young age, make a complete lifestyle change. First of all, my poor mother, she tried to create dishes that had no meat but it was a new challenge for her and I.

I lived in Los Angeles County at the time and while LA may be flourished with Vegan and Vegetarian spots now, but it was not always that way. Back in those days, meat-free diets were not as popular and good food was hard to come by.

Most Disgusting Piece of Food


I remember eating a veggie burger from McDonald's back in 2004ish; it was the most disgusting thing I had ever tried. I was scarred for years, unwilling to try another veggie burger. McDonald's ditched that item a long time ago, and good riddance.

New Days New Foods

The days of bland, cringy vegetarian food are long gone. Now, there are so many different companies creating delicious animal-free products. Trying new veggie burgers is a fun and tasty experience. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss, but when it hit, IT HITS.

A Victoria Gem

Victoria has some amazing food that is vegetarian and vegan friendly. There is one food truck in town that makes delicious 100% vegan food. The Green Table is an absolute must for meat and non-meat-eaters alike. Their food reminds me of LA street food. They have burgers, hotdogs, but their tacos are where it's at.

Have you had a barbacoa taco made from hibiscus flowers? What about fully loaded fries, that means cheese barbacoa, bacon, we are talking about the WORKS on this one. Their menu items are all a hit and never a miss.

2 Year Celebration

attachment-The Green Table

In fact, The Green Table will be celebrating its 2 year anniversary in just days! August 24th they will be celebrating a whole 2 years of serving the Crossroads with authentic delicious and up-to-date vegan food. Be sure to check them out, their adorable bright green food truck is hard to miss, you can find them in the Habitat for Humanity Restore parking lot.

Top Ten Veggie Eats in Victoria

There are also other places that nonmeat eaters can dine at and enjoy some good food. You got to know where to look but once you find out, you can ditch the appetizers or plain salad and finally order a real meal. Check out the top 10 veggie burgers and foods right here in Victoria! Take our poll and let us know your favorite!

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