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New York Hot Dog Eating Contest. Hmph.

Okay sure, New York had some hot news over the weekend. Seems like the famous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest broke world records, thanks to Joey "Jaws" Chesnut who ate, get this...76 hot dogs in ten minutes. Okay fine, that is quite a feat. And ya hot dog eating contests are hot in the Big Apple, but you know what New York? Everything is HOT in Texas!

Let's talk Texas Eating Contests

If you haven't checked out any Texas eating challenge websites yet, you are in for a BIG treat. In fact, you can read the entire year of scheduled eating contests in Texas by clicking the Eatsfeats link right here!

And if you're ever headed to Amarillo by morning, you've got to stop in at the Big Texan to try their famous 72 oz. steak.

What food are Texans famous for?

We compiled a list of TEN truly Texas foods that scream Texas! Check out the gallery and let us know what food you think should be on the list of truly Texas foods that should be a challenge for sure!

Let us know on the app which of these foods you think YOU could WIN in a food eating contest! 

Top Ten Texas Foods To Challenge Northerners In An Eating Contest

Check out this "How To Win a Food Challenge" Youtube video from none other than foodchallenges. com

In case you missed it, Victoria just featured a food contest! Yep, the Crawfish eating contest at the Big Texas carnival!

Come on Crossroads, let's put one on together!

Whatcha think? Ribs? Tea? Tacos?

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