Christmas is Saved

The community of Port Lavaca has rallied together to save Christmas for many boys and girls. On Monday, November 22, the Port Lavaca Police Department posted a message on their Facebook page. The department was informing the residents that Blue Santa would be canceled for the year.

The post expressed their hope to continue the program next year and "Have Elves that have the time to dedicate to this wonderful program." At the end of their post, they asked the community to contact PLPD if they would be able to help out next year.

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Immediately, the community of this tightly knit town began to comment on the post. Many people volunteered to help out and others expressed how sad it was. Blue Santa is something Port Lavaca looks forward to.

Blue Santa Gives Back

The police department has had this tradition for many years. The best thing about Blue Santa is, the gifts go directly back to children in their community. For many families, Blue Santa is a huge help during the holidays, especially during trying times as this year has been.

Community Bands Together

After the post was made, the police department gained overwhelming support to keep Blue Santa. The entire community banded together to lend a helping hand.

The original post was updated with the following message: "We are happy to announce Blue Santa is back on track for this year." They explained Santa's sleigh was needing repairs, and because of shortages they were not able to get the supplies needed.

However, they found out very soon that many community members possed the needed supplies and would gladly donate them to the police department for Santa's sleigh. Now, Blue Santa is back on and will be able to gift families in need this Christmas.

How To Apply

If you or a family you know would like to be placed on Blue Santa's list, feel free to stop by the Port Lavaca Police Department for an application. The deadline to apply is December 10. If you would like to donate to Blue Santa drop your unwrapped new presents at The Port Lavaca Police Department.

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