Time is ticking, the Holidays are coming, and they are on their way fast. Everyone uses Black Friday to knock out tons of presents for their loved ones. However, choosing presents can be hard!

Mark Those Millennials Off Your List


Our list can help knock out an entire generation of people. Millennials are still at that age where they love getting special Christmas gifts, not just your typical soap and bath salt gift set.

It's Their Time To Shine

Millennials are 90s babies. The good thing about this bunch of people is, right now: the 90s are back baby! This means their style and knick-knacks are pretty easy to find and trendy.

Millennials are living in their 20s or have entered their early thirties by now. They are winding down but still up for a party. Millennials are the generation that learned the internet. We love Instagram, side hustles, and caffeine.

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What Millennials Are Interested  In

Honing in on those interests will make your Black Friday shopping super easy. If you need to shop for a millennial who cannot function without their caffeine? try an espresso maker, places like Target, Walmart, and even HEB have some.


Maybe your millennial is a super dog lover. Try including their 'doggo' in your gift list, trust me they would love that more than a gift for themself. Petsmart has a pretty good Black Friday sale this year for extra large dog toys. I got my four-legged friend one last year and he still loves it to this day.

There are plenty of ideas on our list so check it out to make your life easier this Black Friday.

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