Here is one of my favorite things to write about. Whataburger! This might be the most Texas Christmas Tree I have ever seen. Noe Gasca posted this picture on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook page...

Noe Gasca Facebook
Noe Gasca Facebook


Noe Gasca started collecting his items on November 1st and ordered and ate Whataburger for over two weeks. I mean I see nothing wrong with this. According to mysanantonio.com,  he spent about $300 on food alone. He got this idea to decorate a Christmas tree with empty Styrofoam cups, large fry boxes, and leftover burgers wrappers.


I reached out to Noe to find out what exactly ordered during this Whataburger binge. He said his go-to meal is the #2 Double Meat Whatameal, Whatasized, of course. He also says he switches it up from time to time ordering a #13 which is a chicken strip meal.  He also says he goes to 'Whataburger every if not every other day anyway so doing this was nothing.' It's nice to find someone that frequents Whataburger just as much as I do.  He got the Whataburger table tents from a co-worker that has a collection. I asked him if he has ever been to Victoria? He says only in a car driving through LOL.

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If you remember back in September of this year, Brandon had the ultimate cheat day. He ordered the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger Meal and added EIGHT MEAT PATTIES, 4 PIECES OF MONTERREY JACK CHEESE, 4 SLICES OF AMERICAN CHEESE, AND 9 PIECES OF BACON! According to the Whataburger APP,  Brandon's burger had a total of 4,450 CALORIES. Click to read the full story and see the pic.

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