What looks like an ordinary high school outside is actually a school for teen moms.  Lincoln Park is located in Brownsville, Texas. Inside the school, you will find the moms taking classes while hearing babies crying as well.  Located adjacent to the school is also a daycare center. Scattered throughout the school, you will also find many encouraging posters on the wall with words of encouragement about taking their education to college.

As reported by BBC, this Texas school is one of the last providers of this specific educational service - to teach teenage mothers. According to the article, Latinas have the highest teen pregnancy rates of any group. We also learn that almost all of the students at Lincoln Park High, which has exclusively served teen mothers since 2005, are aged between 14 and 19. All of them are Latina - a reflection of the city's 94% Hispanic population as well as its higher rates of teen pregnancies. Another stat to add is that most are low-income, and a few are American-born Mexican residents who cross the border daily from Matamoros, Tamaulipas to attend classes in the US. What do you think of this type of school?  Read the full article.

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