Three Welsh tourists in Australia had themselves quite a night last Saturday, which ended with a scenario fans of the movie ‘The Hangover’ will certainly recognize . After consuming a few too many adult beverages, the trio broke into the local Sea World and swam with the dolphins. The revelers claim things get hazy after that.  So when they woke the next morning and a seven-year old fairy penguin named Dirk was in their room they say they had no idea how he got there.

After shooting video of the arctic bird, the men released him into a nearby canal. The next day passersby noticed poor Dirk being chased by a dog, and Sea World officials were able to rescue him and return him home.

As for the men, even though they maintain they were too drunk to remember snatching the penguin, they apparently made reference to the stolen bird on their Facebook accounts during their crime. So it didn’t take long for the authorities to figure out who they were and arrest them.

‘We’re really sorry for all the trouble we’ve caused,” said one of the men, who are all facing charges of trespassing and stealing and unlawfully keeping a protected animal.

Hey, at least they’re not as dumb as Cop Car Siphon Guy.

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