It seems like every day we are hearing about some kind of scam. They try to scam just about everyone including Police Officers and that is exactly what happened to Sargent Chris Guerra.  If he looks familiar, it's because he is the 'main star' of the Victoria Police Department School Zone Rap video, see the video by clicking here.

The call starts out a bit strange as multiple people seem be on the line. As all the confusion clears, the scammer actually proceeds to tell Sargent Guerra how the scam works. The scammers use the prepaid card 'green dot'  in this scam. However, they can change the gift card to pretty much anything. See the video below.  This is a 2 part series. The second video features a tech support scam with Sargent Guerra.


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Earlier this week, another scam warning was issued by Victoria County Sherrif's Department. .According to a Facebook post by VCSO, reports have been received a report of  'Deputy James Thompson' calling residents about Fail To Appear warrants from the Sherrif's Office main telephone number. Victoria County, Sheriff Marr,  warns residents not to pay any fines online or with money cards. We do not have a deputy by that name. Please share this information with loved ones, especially Senior Citizens.


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