Tina Fey started trending on Twitter after viewers didn't recognize who she was.

If you didn't tune into Jimmy Fallon's BTS-centric episode of The Tonight Show Monday night (February 24), then you also missed out on the Mean Girls star's brief appearance. She shot a video selfie walking through the subway and explained that when she started on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," she thought people were going to "freak out" when they saw her out and about. However, to her surprise, New Yorkers did not care.

"Hi Tonight Show buddies, what's up? This is Tina Fey and I'm heading into the subway," she begins the Subway Stories segment. "I have been taking the New York subway since I first moved here in 1997."

"No one cared then; no one cares now," Fey added. "That’s why I love New York."

It turns out, the internet didn't know who she was either. Though some think it's because many fans who tuned in to see BTS might not be familiar with the actress, others couldn't believe they didn't know who the woman who created Mean Girls and 30 Rock — two of the most iconic pieces of entertainment in recent pop culture history — was.

The internet's unfamiliarity with the comedian also led to a bunch of Tina Fey appreciation tweets.

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