Tragedy occurred around midnight on Saturday, July 25th when a boating accident occurred near the Sanctuary in Port O'Connor as a group of boaters hit a concrete barrier wall leaving one dead and three others reported injured and taken to Citizens for treatment.

The deceased is reported to be a male in this 30's. According to the Port Lavaca Wave, the body was located and recovered around 2:30 am about 600 feet from where the accident occurred by the US Coast Guard via helicopter.

Gathering bad weather and unfamiliarity with the area may have played a part in the accident, Chelsea Bailey, Calhoun County Game Warden concurred. The boat owners were not residents of Port O'Connor.

Bailey offered that Texas Parks and Wildlife is still investigating the accident.

As a cautionary measure, here is a list of boating safety precautions offered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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