Then and Now

Ah yes, the good ol' days, can you remember them? Victoria used to look quite different than what you may be used to now. There was a whole lot more empty space, grassy areas, and all around different vibes.

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A City Transforming

However, over the years our once small town has begun to transform into a hustin' and bustlin' lively small city. There is such variety of places compared to the past days. We have more than just one sandwich shop and I have multiple options on where to pick up a cup of joe!

More businesses and people are beginning to recognize Victoria as the place to be. With the new University of Houston- Victoria expansions and fresh businesses coming in, it'll be no time that Victoria becomes the place to be! The only thing we need to certify us as a legit spot is our own BUC-EES! Check out these images and see if you remember how Victoria USED to look.

28 Images That Show How Victoria Has Transformed

Lone Star Texas Home

Grand 2 Million Dollar Texas Estate

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