We hope that you are staying healthy, have enough to eat, and are keeping buys as best you can through all the changes to our way of life this month. As we slow the spread of Covid-19 in Texas, social distancing will also limit our ability to go to church on Sunday in some instances.

Remember when it was 'gather in groups of less than 50'? That seems pretty good compared to the shelter-in-place that some counties are dealing with now. What will it be like in two weeks or a month from now?

This weekend there are a number of churches in Victoria and the Crossroads that will be streaming a Sunday message on the internet. We asked our listeners to let us know which churches offer a live stream on Sundays.

We want to thank everyone who sent over information. Any suggestions that we could confirm online have links to their streaming platform listed below. Some links go right to a website with a streaming channel or video link, others go live on a Facebook page to carry their service. Let us know about additional churches in the area who stream their service live. Grab our free app below and send the information in right over the chat button or leave a link in the comments on social media.

Help everyone stay healthy and enjoy any number of services over the weekend. Better still, share this information with someone who may not be able to make it to church during social distancing. It may be just the information that a senior or a neighbor is looking for. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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