If you have been watching the numbers from the Victoria County Public Health Department for yourself you can see that the number of new cases of COVID-19 in our area is headed in the wrong direction this week.

The VCPHD dashboard (found here) reported 61 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday evening, and on Monday there were an additional 97 new cases confirmed. So since Monday, the county has seen another 158 cases. That number will change later today when additional stats are available to us.

Right now most businesses are at a 50% capacity limit or less as our hospitalization rate in the county is now virtually at 20%. 19.81% of the total hospital capacity in Victoria is dealing with COVID infected patients. The health department's total number of confirmed cases since the onset of the pandemic in Victoria county is 6554 total cases.

Governor Greg Abbott spoke to the media on Monday about the state's plan to step up vaccine distribution in Texas. At the beginning of the week, more than two million first and second doses of the vaccine had been distributed across the state.

Crossroadstoday.com reports that Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday said more than two million first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been sent to providers across Texas in the last month. Of the original 1.6 million doses received in Texas, more than half have been administered with about 83,000 Texans having already received vaccine dose #2.

More info about vaccinations in Victoria is coming soon. A COVID-19 Vaccine hotline is also in the works and going online soon. The latest information for coronavirus in Victoria County is available at Victoriatxoem.org. 

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