Ask any animal control officer or veterinarian and they'll tell you that dogs and cats that are not spayed or neutered are a serious problem. It can lead to uncontrolled breeding, which causes other problems like unchecked rabies and other diseases, and roaming animals that end up in shelters or the pound, or getting hit by cars.

That's why Victoria County Commissioners have approved a state grant that will pay for the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs for low income families.

The grant is expected to pay for up to 164 procedures, at a value of close to $14,000.

To qualify, pet owners need to be below the poverty line, which equals an income of up to $11,770 a year for single households, and up to $40,890 for a family of 8.

To qualify for a free procedure, residents must bring proof of income to the Victoria City-County Animal Shelter, located at 122 Perimiter Rd. Applications are being accepted through August of next year.


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