Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting included a discussion about Stay Home/ Stay Safe. There is currently no travel restriction in Victoria County.

Additional COVID-19 tests are arriving in Victoria County at this very minute and people are being tested as quickly as possible. As of 2:30 this afternoon there are 5 new active cases of COVID-19 in Victoria County. This brings the total of confirmed cases (both active and recovered) to 32. 13 of those individuals work in the health care industry.

Work is being done to create a much quicker test for COVID-19 that can indicate positive results in about 15 minutes. Once this test is sound, it will make turnaround much faster. Listen to the video above for the details from Dr. McNeill.

Remember to stay home and stay safe this weekend and practice social distancing. Only 1 family member should be designated to run essential errands.

Monday's 3 PM meeting will be carried by Townsquare Media radio stations on social media.

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