Yesterday we announced that the Victoria Emergency Operations Management was going to open their notifications for available COVID immunizations in part through their new app which you can register for by calling the City of Victoria you can text the word ADD to 361-433-4554. 

Thousands of Victorians were waiting to hear word and once the window opened, the flood came in! With many Victorians registering all at once, the app registration crashed three minutes later!

Speaking with David Gonzales, Director of the Victoria Public Health Department, Mr. Gonzales offers that "within the first three minutes of opening registration for Victoria COVID vaccinations through the app, there were over 22,000 hits!"

Within the first two hours, those numbers had reached 1 million! 

Many of those hits were community members continuing to try to register.

Mr. Gonzales continues, " Within three minutes of opening registration the app servers crashed, however, we were still able to get 1,000 Victoria community members registered and today's vaccinations through the scheduling app is running smoothly and going strong!"

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Mr. Gonzales offers a thank you to the Victoria community for their continued patience and wants to reiterate that the best ways to get the most updated information is still through the app and the Victoria Health Department Facebook page which you can access here.

I have the app loaded on my phone and by 12: 53 pm yesterday, just hours after being notified that registration was open for Phase 1A and Phase 1B candidates, the notice I received stated, "VEM: COVID-19 Vaccine Registration is now closed and all appointments are full. Residents with an appointment received a confirmation with an email/text for time and location."

It's likely that the biggest question that the VPHD is getting now is "When will the Victoria Public Health Department get more vaccinations?"

Mr. Gonzales advises the Crossroads community to continue to watch the Victoria Public Health Department Facebook page as they expect another batch of COVID vaccinations to arrive by next week. " We are currently exploring more options for registration at this time as well."

Thank you to the Victoria Public Health Department for all they do! 

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