It's looking like a very soggy weekend in South Texas thanks to heavy rains over the Crossroads which are causing Flash Flooding throughout the area. In just the first eight days of July, Victoria has seen over eight inches of rain with more on the way. By the time we finish this update, it could easily be headed for nine inches.

Rainfall totals on Wednesday reached 3.29 inches. By the looks of things, we may end up with the same amount or more by the end of the day today. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Victoria County until 7 pm Friday. Flash Flood Warnings are also occurring for portions of Eastern Victoria county and parts of Calhoun County and will continue as the rain moves through.

Flooding Reported Throughout the Crossroads

Areas seeing flooding currently are Victoria, Guadalupe, Point Comfort, Bloomington, Victoria Regional Airport, Brentwood subdivision, Inex, Magnolia Beach, Victoria Colony Creek Country Club, Victoria College, Downtown Victoria, Saxet Lakes, Riverside Park, and Victoria Mall.

Two River Flood Warnings in Victoria County

  • Garcitas Creek near Inez
  • The Guadalupe River near Bloomington affecting Refugio, Calhoun, and Victoria

Flooding Throughout the Crossroads and Coastal Bend

Check out the waters rising down in Rockport on Thursday. I guess it's ok that you forgot to take the trash out this morning. Now you won't need a canoe to go find the garbage cans.

Water Covered Roads in Victoria

The Victoria Police Department shared an update on Facebook around 7 pm on Thursday evening. The following roads are reported as covered by water on Thursday evening:

  • Red River between Sam Houston and Ben Wilson
  • Vine between Cherokee and Red River
  • Mockingbird between Navarro & Laurent
  • Sam Houston at Crestwood

Travel is not encouraged this evening during these storms, and as additional rain falls in the area travel may become increasingly difficult. Remember, 'turn around, don't drown' if you discover water-covered roadways.

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