Just another night in the Crossroads. Things are getting a little out of hand and I write this I must admit, I'm a tad bit embarrassed, but hey all the cool cities have their own unique problems.

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This past weekend was full of buttermilk pancakes, coffee, and fists, tons and tons of fists. Local Victoria IHOP was full of ruckus as an incredibly insane fight broke out between multiple people.

Multiple videos have been posted on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook but this one below takes the fight to a completely different level. You can view the entire fight below along with some entertaining commentary to guide you along the way.


The videos start at a point where things were already becoming escalated. The group of girls in the first booth were arguing with a few other women nearby. Things really turned up when a booster seat was thrown at the booth. Instantly, like a pack of wolves, the two groups started seeing red and went in for the kill.

There were fists, sandals, extensions hanging everywhere. At different points in the fight, people tried separating the two, but ultimately it did not last long until the two groups were fighting again. It's sad to see the man who social media has declared the "Dad" trying his hardest to stop the fight.

The fight itself was intense but what came after was much more unbelievable. TikTok's started circulating and that's when the memes started to flood in; they are not kind nor are they pretty, I'm strictly referring to the memes, of course.

Cops were called however no arrests were made at the time. I guess next time you go to IHOP bring some protective gear. CHECK PLEASE!


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