Keeping the kids in the community safe in person, online, and in school is a group effort. This morning VISD addressed a pressing issue that has been escalating lately.

Online bullying and threats are being posted online. In a press release from VISD, they acknowledged hateful, hurtful, and inappropriate comments directed t students. There was "once incident where an anonymous comment was posted insinuating gun violence."

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These are extremely concerning to parents and family members who have loved ones in VISD. Online rumors and turmoil can, and has, trickled into panic and is disrupting the safe environment necessary for students to learn.

The press release did not dismiss these concerns stating, "We share our parents' and community's concern over these potentially dangerous social media interactions." The district is giving their full effort to protect their students and is on high alert, "Our efforts to address these rapidly evolving situations have included communicating these concerns with our campus families and community."

However, they can only do so much. They are now asking for help outside of school. Many of the events are happening outside of school walls but those need to be brought to attention. Any verified threats will prompt VISD to notify families and keep in touch with updates to the situation. Reporting threats and violence is one way to help however, there are more ways to take action and keep our kids in the community safe and without harm both physically and emotionally. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning these issues:

What Happens When a Threat is Reported?

VISD brings in law enforcement to investigate every report. They also speak to both the student and parents. 

How Does VISD Determine if a Threat is Credible?

In combination with working with law enforcement, VISD partners with  Victoria County Sheriff's Office to trace threats made online. If guns are involved, officers will search for a weapon and determine if anyone has access to it.

What Happens if a Threat is Credible?

VISD communicates promptly with families concerning the threat. There are safety protocols schools take which include lockdowns and evacuations. Take a look at the protocols below.

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Here are steps VISD has published to help report a threat:

How You Can Help

  • Report any concern to law enforcement or campus administration, or a district staff member and avoid sharing the concern on social media before doing so. 
  • Discuss with your student(s) the importance of being responsible on social media and to report any concerns to a teacher, school administrator, or any VISD staff member.   
  • Reach out to VISD or campus personnel if you have additional information or questions
  • When provided follow safety instructions from the district or campus that may be included in VISD messaging
  • Share accurate information with your community that comes directly from the district, campus, or law enforcement  

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