Concerned Mother Takes Action

A fed-up and desperate mother has taken bullying into her own hands after her 9-year-old daughter's concerns are not handled. Angaleena Martinez of Port Lavaca has taken to social media to voice her concerns about bullying inside the elementary school Jackson Roosevelt.

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash
Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

Past Issues with Bullying

I talked to Martinez and she shared her side of the story. She confessed for the past few years her daughter has had an issue with bullying. This year her daughter's emotions have escalated and she now hates going to school and feels defenseless.

No Results, No Solution

Angaleena has taken past steps to address her daughter's issue but has not gotten any satisfying results. Her daughter has been the victim of fat-shaming and gets ridiculed for her weight in class. Her daughter no longer feels comfortable and tries to wear baggy clothes every day to cover herself up.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Fear of Being Made Fun Of

For picture day her daughter did not want to dress up because she was afraid she would get bullied. Martinez also mentioned lunchtime at school is becoming an issue for her daughter. "She doesn't want to eat" for fear of being made fun of. Martinez confirmed her daughter is embarrassed to consume food and feels ashamed, she is actively trying to lose weight. "It's like they're abusing my daughter [emotionally]. She is a beautiful 9-year-old, she should not feel that way."

Martinez has taken multiple steps to get this situation addressed. She has had various conferences with teachers, the principal and has reached out to the school board. However, the bullying persists.

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Video of Mother and Principal Confrontation

In a video posted to her social media account, Martinez met up with the principal to discuss the issue again. The video reveals her daughter's bully is actually the son of a teacher at that location. Martinez also questions the approach taken to questioning the bully and her daughter. The principal had the boy and her daughter in the same room asking them questions, which Martinez felt was inappropriate, "why would you confront my daughter in front of her bully, why would you do that?"

Situation Has Escalated

Things have escalated and Martinez has now been issued a restraining order. She is not allowed on the school premises which has created a ripple effect. She was left with no choice but to withdraw her children from school due to lack of appropriate transportation. She cannot take or pick up her children and one is as young as 4 years old, so it would be extremely inappropriate to let them walk.

She plans to get legal with this situation. She has also requested her children to be transferred to a different elementary school and is awaiting approval.

Martinez addressed the critics on social media and around town, "People need to know where I'm coming from, I cry every night because she cries."

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