It's the middle of the day in Manhattan and a runner, all clad in white and holding a torch comes up to you, urging you to finish her run because she's injured. What do you do.

For the people in the video above, the choice was clear: finish the run! Showing that they're either good Samaritans or patriotic Americans, the people in Improv Everywhere's fake torch run took it upon themselves to grab the torch from the injured runner and bring it around the corner to the next runner on the leg.

Of course, none of these happy participants know that this is all fake and that the loads of people in the crowd, as well as the "reporter" that waits at the end to interview them, are not real. While the event might not be real, the excitement that everyone feels certainly is palpable.

At one point, a small child comes around the corner holding the torch, shocked to see the myriad of people ahead. But the crowd cheers her on and she's able to deliver the torch, accompanied by a sea of applause.

One guy, named Neil, is asked what he's going to do now that he's finished the torch run. He simply says, "I'm going to take a nap." That's a pretty well-deserved nap, we'd say. Watch the video of the torch runners above and cheer them on, even with the knowledge that this was all wonderfully fake!

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