We teamed up with McAdams Floral to give a chance to our listeners to WIN a snack basket for their boss. This week is national Boss’s Week.  Here is one of our winners: Steve Kohloff with Alamo Lumber Co.. Marsha Rocha submitted his name. Here is what she told us about him: I have always believed a great boss inspires, encourages and leads by example. I have worked for Alamo a little over 3 years now my first year working was just for a paycheck. Than Steve came along a year after I started he was very stearn and I believe that's what our team needed. I shipped into shape started to learn more of what goes on in our company. He inspired me, he encouraged me, and he lead by great example. He truly loves this business and is so open to training anyone who feels the same. I am now a supervisor, I order our lumber, and I have learned so much that now I am able to lead our team. He is truly the very best boss I have ever had and I think many of my team members would agree. Steve Kohloff is definitely one of a kind, and I am so thankful he decided to come to Alamo Lumber in Cuero.