Today is National Donut Day and Big Al was in the spirit and brought some donuts to the studio!

Apparently though some things were not completely thought through and some issues arised when the dozen donuts were gone.

J-Si was savoring the moment when he could go in to the break room and get a regular glazed donut. When the opportunity came around, J-Si went to get a donut that Big Al brought, but they were all gone. Left somewhat disappointed, J-Si brings it up and Kellie points out another more glaring crime - the empty box! After a little discussion and coming to the conclusion that guys are the culprits and leave the empty box behind, the cast was surprised who committed the crime of eating the last donut and leaving the empty box. Upon further examination of the scenario, White Cheddar brought up the fact that there were 15 people in the studio and Al only brought 12 donuts!

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