Willow Smith, the pre-pubescent daughter of Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, makes waves every time she does something as simple as cut her hair (or whip it back and forth, for that matter). But the pint-sized fashionista has a swagger rarely seen in someone so young — and in a new interview, she even reveals some surprising sources for her inspiration.

“When I first got into the entertainment industry, I would always watch Rihanna and all those people, so I was like, ‘Ooh, I have to be this,’” she told Yahoo!’s ‘The Yo Show.’ “So my mom was like, ‘Just be yourself.’ Just two months ago, I kinda gained confidence. I can make my entertainment thing go wherever I want it to go.”

In the past, she’s dyed her hair a multitude of colors, and you can thank her dog Abby for that — Willow says the pooch serves as inspiration for the rainbow hues. But her edgy fashion choices? Well, those come straight from her iPod, with Smith saying, “My style kinda comes from the music I listen to.”

She also reflected a bit on her new ballad, ‘I Am Me,’ saying she chose the slower song “because when you sing ballads, people can see more of your voice and I like that.”

Something else she obviously likes? Staying busy. Between an upcoming recording project with her mom and a starring role in a remake of ‘Annie,’ Willow doesn’t have a lot of spare time — and she certainly isn’t going to waste what little she has on haters.

“I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives,” she said, sounding a lot more mature than her 11 years. “I hope that they find where they’re meant to be and all that stuff, but it’s kinda like, don’t come here with that.”

Watch Willow Smith Talk to ‘The Yo Show’

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