Melanie Amaro was crowned the first-ever ‘X Factor’ winner less than a month ago and things are moving full speed ahead for the future superstar. First up on the docket: signing a record deal with Epic Records. That was the main prize of the show – a $5 million recording contract — and Amaro is now a full-fledged member of the Epic roster, which falls under the Sony umbrella. The signing was likely just a formality and a matter of dotting I’s and crossing T’s to make it all official, given the show’s prize booty. Congrats Mel!

Amaro was mentored by judge Simon Cowell during her tenure on the show, but now, the diva will be under the tutelage of judge L.A. Reid, since he runs the show at the label.

“I joined The X Factor to be able to discover undeniable talent such as Melanie,” Reid said in a statement released to the press. “I am pleased that she is now signed to Epic Records because I believe we have only scratched the surface on uncovering her talent and her inevitable journey to super-stardom.”

PopCrush is left to wonder how much input, if any, Cowell will have on Amaro’s debut.

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