Welcome to ‘The BeatDown,’ a weekly battle of wrestling topics to discuss, debate and get in actual fights about. This week, we discuss the nicknames of one of the WWE’s most popular superstars, Chris Jericho.

One of the most arbitrary things in all of professional wrestling is the moniker, also know as a ring or stage name – sometimes a nickname. Among active wrestlers, Christopher Irvine, has a laundry lists of AKA’s and nicknames. We’ve narrowed it down to two, his nickname now and his most popular from the past, now you make the call – which is better?


Upon entering the WWE in the summer of 1999, everyone was in a frenzy preparing for the possible end of the world by way of a financial reset more commonly known as the Y2K bug. Jericho’s genius led to him come up with the nickname Y2J. It’s short, sweet, and to the point and still brings back memories of pop-cultural relevance from yesteryear.  You can ask 20 guys in a bar who Y2J is and we bet at least fifteen can guess correctly.

The Best in the World At What He Does

Because it is pro wrestling after all, it’s not all to uncommon for bravado to turn into the type of arrogance that drives the people around you insane. Chris Jericho has drawn the ire of many by proclaiming that he is “the best in the world at what he does.” Unfortunately, that pet name doesn’t quite fit on the standard size poster board you find at Staples. Not like he cares, this moniker has it’s own Facebook page.

So, which nickname is better? If you like another nickname better, vote other and leave your answer in the comments.

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