I've always been a fan of cars and racing. As a kid growing up in the Detroit area during the muscle car era of the 60's and 70's, how could I not be? I've dreamed of being a professional race car driver but, obviously my life took a different direction. I drive the speed limit (most of the time) and I would never drive recklessly or carelessly. (My wife would beg to differ). What if I told you that you could learn to drive like the pros do at Texas Motor Speedway? Sweet!

If you've always wanted to learn how to drive like a pro NASCAR driver on a real track or, go for a ride in a pro setting, now you can.

Team Texas High Performance Driving School has some programs you might be interested in, from a 4-lap passenger ride at up to 160 mph, to a 10-lap driving school with an instructor in the passenger seat and you at the wheel at up to 150 mph, and a combination of the two, it's a chance to live the dream. They have a number of other options available, too.

Check out all the options here. Oh, and to my wife if you're reading this, it would be a dream birthday present. Just sayin'.


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