It's no secret -- I love Jerrod Niemann. I cannot handle partying with the guy because he truly can "drink to that all night," and I just can't anymore, but I do love to try when he comes to town.

When the song "Drink to That All Night" came out, I also must confess I thought, "Wow, is that country?" Well, what is and what isn't country can be debated all day and many times over, but what I knew was that whatever you called it, it was good music. Jerrod really does have a way of stretching boundaries, trying new things and, above all, having fun with his music. I, for one, like that approach.

Then I heard this! It seems that in a world where many of the country artists are crossing over into pop, and even getting rap and R&B artists to remix and perform in their songs, Jerrod didn't want to miss the boat. Jerrod asked famed hip-hop artist Pitbull to remix his song and the results, as posted on US 99's website, are pretty outstanding.

Now I have to warn you. If you are a traditionalist and have an aversion to pop, rap, or R&B, you simply will not like this. However, if you are like most listeners today and appreciate all kinds of music and artists, this might be one of your favorite songs. I don't know, but I'd love to know what you think. I am biased because I consider Jerrod a friend, but I do like it a lot.

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