We would like to invite you to  April’s Townsquare Talk.  We are going virtual this month!

Our presenter will be Justin Yurek.  Justin is from Townsquare Interactive and has two brothers who own businesses and have gone through the process.  Justin will separate fact from fiction regarding loan processing.

Being well versed in the application process, Justin will share insightful views and best follow-up practices regarding the Cares Act’s PPP.  Please join us this Thursday, April 23rd at 11:00 to view via Microsoft Teams Townsquare Interactive’s Justin Yurek.

If you know of a business owner who would like to attend please email us their email address.  Just for attending we will put your name into a raffle for a $200 gift certificate to American Detail Supply.

For an invite to April's virtual Townsquare Talk, please use the form below to send us your email address. We will then send a link to that address that allows you to join this very helpful presentation hosted by your friends at Townsquare Media Victoria.

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