Just in case you a looking for something exciting to do to close out 2022!  There are still a hand full of nights available at the very haunted Presidio La Bahia. You can spend a night in the Quarters and experience 'Presidio La Bahia' during the overnight hours.  Do you believe that the grounds of the Presidio are haunted? Have you ever had experience at the Presidio?

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When you stay overnight, you'll have access to the entire inner courtyard, enjoying free rein of the entire property.  Who knows what you'll see? The Quarters feature two bedrooms, a living and dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and central heat and air conditioning. If you are thinking of booking, do not wait. The calendar fills up very quickly, you can see their calendar and book your date by clicking here.

To book a night at The Quarters call 361 645-3752 or click here and you will be contacted within 3 days.

Rates: Sunday thru Thursday - $200 per night (tax not included)
Friday thru Saturday - $230 per night (tax not included)

Please note that until a credit card reservation has been made, a reservation at The Quarters is not guaranteed.

Various times throughout the year you will have a chance to spend the night at Presidio La Bahia with professional investigators hosted by Haunted Rooms America. There are also various times throughout the year that you can also spend a night an have a paranormal investigation at the USS Lexington.  Check back for updates.

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