Taking a shot years ago, Big Al Mack went into the restaurant and bar business, but it all came to an end last Friday.

In a blog post he wrote online at KiddNation.com, Big Al began reading it on the air, but started tearing up, which caught the rest of the cast off guard, and he then couldn't make it through reading his own blog post so Kellie took over the responsibility. Upon reading ahead a bit, Kellie began tearing up as well as she read the post he wrote online.

After nine years in business under the leadership of Big Al Mack, the McKinney Avenue Tavern closed its doors last Friday night for good. It was a tough decision that Big Al apparently wrestled with several times before. Listen to Big Al talk about the dedication of his employees, the many people and vendors he's met through the years and how the cast is supporting him now during this difficult business decision in this best of audio clip.

Read Big Al's personal blog: Cheers! Hope To See You All Again Soon!

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