Residents in Amarillo are completely puzzled. A recent photo posted by the the City of Armarillo has completely stumped this Texas town.

A security camera at the Amarillo Zoo in Texas captured a bizarre image outside the zoo around 1:30 am.

The City posted the photo on their social media accounts and immediately people began to comment. People had all different types of suggestions and guesses. Here are some of my favorite ones:

attachment-carfax youtube

"They were trying to reach the zoo attendants about their car extended warranty!!"


"Definitely chupacabra, yep,"

"This is literally sonic the hedgehog,"

"Let's just hope it's not aliens coming to see how we treat lesser species"

"Carole Baskin looking for a good spot to plant her current husband"

Others suggest it may be the terrifying skinwalkers many people believe are roaming around the planet.

The zoo has not further commented on the strange appearance, nor have they released a full video so until then, everyone will continue to add conspiracies.

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