Bloomington Firefighters and the Victoria County Fire Marshal have completed their investigation into Wednesday evening's fire on Indiana Drive in Bloomington.

Just before 9:30 on Wednesday evening the Victoria Advocate reports that a fire was started by faulty electrical wiring resulting in the loss of the house. The home at 506 Indiana Drive caught fire near the back porch. As the fire grew, it made its way into the house according to Marshal Richard Catillo who commented on the fire yesterday.

At the time of the fire, there was one person in the residence. That person was able to escape without being injured. That resident has now relocated with another family member in the area as the home that caught fire is nearly a total loss.

Every time I see a fire truck go by I'm reminded of my Dad who served as a firefighter in Chicago for 30+ years. We just want to thank our firefighters in Bloomington for all they have done over the last year, and all they still do on a daily basis for our community.

We also want to send a shout-out to Bloomington resident Mariah Hernandez who is the person who saw the fire and went running to get help. Maria has just returned from a trip to the local Dairy Queen when she pulled up and saw the fire. She told the Victoria Advocate she thought maybe someone was welding but then saw her neighbors home was on fire. When Maria tried to alert the homeowner of the fire, that person was in the shower and unaware of the fire.

Hernandez helped the homeowner quickly grab her things and exit the home. Local firefighters are saying she likely saved her neighbor's life.

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