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What's your spirit animal?

Just a few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to be in front of a shamanic healer who guided me on a mediation where I met my spirit animal face to face.

It's a funny story but in the middle of the meditation, I saw an ocean tide coming in and I thought maybe I would be meeting a dolphin or a stingray, or something on the fierce warrior side of spirit animals.

But that's NOT what happened. Instead, coming out of the ocean tide was an otter.

An otter?!! Seriously?!! I'm not going to lie, I tried to change the entire meditation. Surely there was something else I identified more closely with other than a wet river rat!

Turns out, according to resources like Uniguide, otters symbolize playfulness, laughter, and mischievousness, as well as creativity, transformation, and psychic abilities. Otters I would since learn, are revered for their playfulness and intelligence. I'll take it!

And you can take a vacation now in Waco where you can swim in a hot tub with these playful critters!

Yep, at Blue Hills Ranch, right outside of Waco, in McGregor, TX, just three hours away from Victoria, you can swim with two adorable otters named Otto and Sweet Pea.

Blue Hills Ranch/Facebook
Blue Hills Ranch/Facebook

According to the Blue Hills Ranch webpage, these two otters are small-clawed otters from Asia who were donated in March 2020. You can swim with the otters, feed giraffes and chill with the horses and zebras, play with pigs and there are kangaroos too. Just to name a few. So, what's your spirit animal anyway? We're betting you might find it at Blue Hills Ranch. Check out their Facebook page here.

This ranch is stunning. Here is a fly-over of Blue Hills Ranch compliments of MCV Photography.

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