Brandi Glanville's scathing memoir about the affair between ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his co-star/current wife LeAnn Rimes may have just come out, but there's already talks of turning it into a movie.

Possibly through Lifetime, although that could just be Glanville trolling us all.

Considering the winky face, we have a feeling the Lifetime comment is a reference to 'Northern Lights,' the network's little-watched made-for-TV movie where Rimes and Cibrian met, rather than an indication she's actually in talks with the Women in Peril channel itself.

And speaking of women in peril, Glanville's Oscars dress had her father waking up in a cold sweat when he saw his daughter leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination on Sunday (Feb. 24).

She copied and pasted a text from him to show her Twitter followers before providing an explanation.

Brandi wasn't too hurt by the criticism of her ill-fitting and very small dress, instead being over the moon that she made an Oscar list, even if it was a worst dressed one.

It also gave her an opportunity to promote her new fashion line, Brand B, for free. Glanville says she designed the strapless, ruffled number herself and that her clothing line will be “sexier and edgier than what has been released so far.”

And just in case you're wondering why Glanville was at the Oscars at all: She was there as a red carpet correspondent for

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