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That's right; today is a day of celebration. A day where people can rejoice and celebrate by eating endless stacks of shaved beefsteak covered in deliciously melted cheese, packed into a hoagie. Sounds delicious- and I dont even eat meat!


The Straight Up Facts Youse Might Wanna Know About Cheesesteak

What Exactly Is A Cheesesteak? A true cheesesteak will have a long, soft but sturdy roll, thinly sliced ribeye steak, and cheese. People can debate the type of cheese and which type of roll should be used, but I won't duke it out here on this article.
Where and When Did It Originate? In 1930, a hot dog vendor in South Philly decided to put some beef from the butcher on his grill. The story goes, a cab driver couldn't resist the tempting smell of the beef and requested his own 'steak-filled sandwich.'
Acceptable Add-Ons? According to The Morning Call, the only truly acceptable add-on in a cheesesteak is sauteed onions. However, this ain't Philly, and we aren't authentic, so other parts of the country have adopted other add-ons like sauteed bell peppers and mushrooms. Although if you do find yourself in Philidelphia, for the love of cheesesteak, do not order yours with sauce, because apparently, that is an absolute NO-NO; in fact, the addition of sauce makes an entirely different item-called a 'pizza steak.'

Texas may be some ways away from Philadelphia, but we still honor the cheesesteak-Texan style, of course. For instance, there's a restaurant in Hurst, Texas, serving up some MASSIVE cheesesteaks, and I mean MASSIVE. Fred's Downtown Philly has various locations in the DFW area and has an insane cheesesteak challenge. You have one hour to eat a 2-foot cheesesteak that consists of 60 oz of meat with over 1 lb of cheese smothered on top, served with a side of fries. Well, I guess everything's bigger in Texas, right?

Not up for that challenge today? Here at the crossroads, we have a pretty authentic cheesesteak at Grumpy's Meatzzeria. I have been a fan of Grumpy's since they were a small food truck, and they have expanded to a physical location where they can make even more delicious food.

So in celebration of National Cheesesteak Day, either drive down to Fred's and try to stuff your face with a 2-foot cheesesteak, keep it local at Grumpy's, or you can roll up those sleeves and make one yourself. Here are some simple recipes to put together a delicious cheesesteak in the comfort of your own home with some delicious recipes like this easy one or this super authentic one. Don't worry, for my fellow non-meat-eaters I got you covered too:

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