We all have great notions of plans to do on the weekends, but I for one don't end up doing most of those plans. Lets face it, going to to moon and back in one weekend is simply not possible. Do I set my goals a little too high? Maybe. Do I dream big? Probably. Are there ways to cope with unreachable goals? Definitely. With that said, I do have more realistic goals of being the World's Greatest Bartender...at home. You can as well, provided you know what you're doing and have the materials to make your desired drinks. Here are a couple recipes that are simple to make and the ingredients (for the most part) can be acquired at your local liquor store.

Crash and Burn (original source)
3 oz Pineapple Juice, divided
3 oz Orange Juice, divided
½ oz 151 Rum
½ oz Triple Sec
1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Light Rum
1 oz Blackberry Brandy
½ oz Maraschino Cherry Juice
Maraschino Cherries for Garnish
Pineapple for Garnish
How To:
Pour alcohols into a shaker with ice and shake thoroughly. Pour cocktail over ice in tall glass. Pour remaining Pineapple and Orange juices over the drink; do not stir. Garnish with Maraschino Cherries and a Pineapple wedge.


Gunpowder Gimlet (original source)
1 ½ oz green tea-infused Ford's Gin
½ oz salted pistachio honey syrup
½ oz lemon juice
3 to 4 dashes (3/8 to ½ a teaspoon) of Olive Heights Roman Chamomile Bitters
How To:
Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into a chilled glass with ice (because there is no such thing as a too-chilled-drink)


The Graveyard (original source)
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Rum
1 oz Gin
1 oz Tequila
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Whiskey
1 oz Scotch
Lager Beer
How To:
Pour liquors into a glass and top with beer and stout. Stir to mix.

If you find later on that you had too much to drink and your brain is trying to kill you for it, there is a way to fight back (or at least take preemptive measures to stave off a hang over). With that I present to you SnapBack. A drink scientifically designed to help prevent a hangover. So, in case you plan on having a little extra more (or think you are going to have more) to drink, then SnapBack should be your fall back.

Townsquare Media and KIXS 108 do not condone underage drinking and encourage you to drink responsibly. Have a safe and fun weekend!

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