National Teacher's Appreciation Week is right around the corner, and what better way to begin celebrating is to announce the Victoria I.S.D. Teacher of the Year.

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This school year has been a whirlwind of trials and tribulations. Between switching to virtual learning then throwing a catastrophic snowstorm, teachers have really been handed a short stick recently. However, many of our wonderful teachers have overcome these obstacles with their compassion and creativity.

Today, VISD sent out a press release officially announcing the two educators who have been selected as VISD Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year.

Ashley Scott VISD

Ronda Hancock, who teaches at Torres Elementary School, has been selected as the VISD Elementary Teacher of the Year. Ms.Hancock is described as a compassionate and creative educator. It was revealed in the press released that she channeled her creativity since moving to online teaching. She has created many opportunities and activities for her students to engage in, even with remote learning. Her students have created their own weather forecast videos, demonstrated how to make a sandwich in a DIY video, participated in scavenger hunts, used household tools to make a ramp, and watched chicks hatch on a live feed from their former classroom. It's no wonder she was named Teacher of the year; her compassion and creativity have proven her love for teaching.

Ashley Scott VISD (1)

Cody McDonald, who teaches and coaches at Victoria West High School, has been named Secondary Teacher of the Year. Mr. McDonald focuses on fostering a place of acceptance and excitement for learning rather than creating a classroom of students who are afraid to make a mistake. His

In addition to the two VISD Teachers of the Year, Campus Teach of the Year has also been named for each individual school within the Victoria Independent School District. Here are some of the others named:

Shawna Currie Victoria ISD

2nd Grade Teacher at O'Conner, Brandy Vaughan, was surprised with the announcement of Campus Teacher of the Year in her classroom with a sash and celebratory flowers.

Shawna Currie Victoria ISD (2)

Linda Dentler at Aloe Elementary has been named their Teacher of the Year. She teaches the fresh new batches of Kindergarteners!

Shawna Currie Victoria ISD (1)

Mission Valley Elementary School Music teacher Melinda Armadillo happily announces her Teacher of the Year status; congratulations!


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