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Who Has the Naughtiest Pet In Texas?

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we went... but at my house.

Thanks to two kittens we rescued last year and a new puppy who eats any and everything those cats drop on the floor, we had to skip the traditional Christmas tree and not unpack the breakable decorations ( which is just about every decoration) at least until our unruly pets get a little older, or until I get tough enough to do what my friends all suggest and, "Put the damn cats outside where they belong."

Apparently living in the country means that all cats are outside cats???

The good news is we are not alone with pet problems during the holidays!

In fact, according to some great Instagram and YouTube, videos there are tons of dogs and cats that are misbehaving especially during Christmas!

Where can we buy an Elf on A Shelf for pets????

Do You Think These Playful Pets Are On Santa's Naughty List Now?

What about this trending TikTok video of a "pooch porch pirate" who could likely smell the treats 1/4 of a mile away before he straight up stole this package from his neighbor's porch! Busted!

Now here is a great video from Click2Houston of a man in Portland whose pet helped his owner send a very stinky message to porch pirates in his neighborhood. And yet, all three of the characters in this story might make Santa's Naughty List after all too!

Here is exactly where we are with the naughty list at my house.


This all leads to the question, who has the naughtiest pet in Texas?

Let us know on our station apps or Facebook page if you think your pet is NAUGHTIEST! Pictures are always appreciated too! Just attach them to the message.

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