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Where did I leave my phone?

I'm over here shaking my head and laughing at the same time.

I'm not laughing to add salt to a wound of a woman arrested after trying to rob a bank but then leaving her phone on the counter, I'm laughing because it sounds EXACTLY like something I would do! 

Just this morning I was ten minutes late to work because I could not find my briefcase at the house or in the car... only to discover I NEVER BROUGHT MY BRIEFCASE HOME FROM WORK in the first place!

And my phone?

I'm ALWAYS having to circle back or have people call it so I can find it!

However the phrase, "Where Did I Put My Phone" is a question this woman will have plenty of time to answer as she sits in jail for attempted bank robbery. Robbing a bank is a little extreme for me, but yes ma'am, I sure have left my phone on a bank counter before!

Here is how the crime went down...

According to the Pensacola Police Department," 51-year-old Resheca Marshall entered the bank with a note demanding more than $3,000 before leaving empty handed."

Literally empty handed because she left her phone on the counter too.  She was booked and now sits in a Florida jail on a $105,000.00 bond. She is charged with attempted robbery and larceny.

No clue why there is a larceny charge. We're just stuck on the phone.

So in the future... if you are going to try to rob a bank make sure to take your phone with you!

Gotta love dumb criminals, especially when you can totally identify with there mishaps!!

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