Recently, we've featured stories about a few criminal "masterminds"... like the gentleman who broke into a home and when he heard the owner return before he could make his exit, called the police himself.

Then there was the fellow who called 911 to ask questions about his marijuana plant and any legal troubles that might come from it.

This story, however, might win this gentleman the "Dumb Criminal of the Year" award.

Upon purchasing a 40-dollar bag of cocaine from his friendly neighborhood drug dealer, Antonio Recinos felt he may have been given less "product" than what had been agreed upon for the money paid. Feeling wronged in this particular transaction, the East Hartford, Connecticut man did what any normal person would do when they felt they hadn't been given the right amount of blow; he called 911.

Before going into the nitty gritty details of the illicit transaction, the 35-year-old hung up. But of course we wouldn't be telling this story if it had been because he'd wised up and decided not to incriminate himself.

No, Recinos had spotted a policeman and felt it best to continue the report of his woes in person, face to face, with a real live person rather than dealing with someone over the phone.

Makes absolute, perfect sense to me.

Upon showing the officer the bag of narcotics and possibly in the process of filing the complaint of how he'd been shorted in a perfectly legitimate drug deal he had entered into in good faith, Recinos was arrested. He is now being charged with drug possession.

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