Memorial Day was created to commemorate all the American servicemembers who have died while serving our country. With so many military men and women currently on dangerous overseas assignments, it's also a time to think about their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families back home.

In these videos, families of soldiers get the surprise and relief of a lifetime when their loved ones return home from duty unannounced. You may want to grab a box of tissues before watching.

Sergeant Dad Surprises Daughter at School

Master Sergeant Joseph Myers, who’d been in Iraq for almost a year straight, surprises his daughter Hannah by showing up at her fourth grade class. Hannah becomes so overcome with emotion and happiness she later admits she doesn’t really remember it happening. Fortunately, she has this touching video to remind her.

Dad's Return Is a Gift

Two sisters in elementary school think they are being presented with a large gift from their father, who is fighting overseas, at a school assembly. The girls are thrilled when the gift turns out to be their father.

Homecoming Gift Redux

Quite similar to the previous video, however looks like the one on little Anthony’s face never get old.

Army Mom Comes Home

With more and more women serving in the military, mothers can be separated from their children for periods of time that would have previously been unthinkable, In this video, Specialist Lisa Fulfer surprise homecoming thrills her son and daughter, who haven’t seen her in a year.

Dad Surprises Son at Miniature Golf Course

Gabriel Kephart thought he was just waiting in line to get some ice cream at the local miniature golf course. But when he turned around he saw his dad, Sergeant Master Christopher Kepthart, who had been in Iraq for seven months, paying a surprise visit back home.

Mom Gets the Surprise

In a generational shift, here’s a video of a soldier, just back from Afghanistan after a six month tour of duty, surprising his mom as she returns home from work.

Santa in Combat Boots

A soldier coming home six weeks early from Afghanistan shows up at his house dressed as Santa Claus. It takes his wife and two-year-old daughter about a minute to realize who their visitor really is.

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