Almost every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess when they grow up, and it looks like Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane might actually live that dream—according to fan-predictions, anyway!

Even though nothing has been officially confirmed, Fifth Harmony fans have speculated for weeks that group member Dinah Jane Hansen, she of mixed Polynesian heritage, could potentially play the female lead in Disney's upcoming computer-animated tale, Moana. Fans have noted that the singer had posted a (now-deleted, of course) photo of herself and her family hanging out at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Hollywood mansion for no apparent reason. (Luckily, some kind soul over at saved a screenshot and uploaded it. See below.) Interestingly enough, The Rock is, so far, the only confirmed cast member signed on to the Disney flick. Hmmm...


In addition, The Rock had also invited Dinah to attend the premiere of his film San Andreas back in May (see photo at top). Adding even more fuel to the fire, Hollywood acting coach Barry Papick mysteriously tweeted a few weeks ago that he had "coached a girl from Fifth Harmony," leading fans to draw their own conclusions about who he may have been referring to.

While Disney has neither confirmed nor denied anything, casting Dinah would make a lot of sense if it does pan out. For one, Fifth Harmony has a ton of young female fans, a core demographic for the House of Mouse. Secondly, most Disney princesses sing, and we doubt Dinah would have to prove herself in that capacity. Finally, as we noted earlier, Dinah comes from Polynesian descent, and since Moana herself is a Polynesian princess, the role would be perfect for her!

It's all just rumor at the moment, but who knows, maybe come 2016, Dinah Jane will be the voice behind Disney's next smash anthem a la "Let It Go!"

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