Remember that episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ about the camera that can take creepy pictures of things that happened in the future? This one takes creepy pictures of things that happened in the past.

13-year-old Addison Logan of Wichita, Kansas was surfing for bargains with his grandmother at some community garage sales. He stopped in at one and found a retro-style Polaroid camera on sale for $1.

He bought the camera and opened the film housing to see if the previous owner had any leftover pictures that they forgot to take with them. It turns out that the last photo contained an image of his uncle, who died in 1989 in a car accident, with his high school girlfriend. (See the photo here.)

The creepy coincidence defies logical explanation. The family that held the garage sale doesn’t appear to have any apparent connection to Logan’s lineage. Logan never met or knew his uncle since he wasn’t even born when he died. Addison’s father and Scott’s brother said this may have been a sign from the great beyond.

“It’s almost like he’s reaching out to us, saying he’s still with us.

Of course, when he told his grandmother and his family about the 30-plus year old photo and how he got it, no one believed him. We can’t say we’d believe him. He found a Polaroid camera that actually works?!?