A new video has surfaced on the Internet, full of great scenes from 'Finding Nemo' that have been unnecessarily censored.

The video comes courtesy of The Jake Vale Show and lasts for almost three minutes. Within those three minutes, you'll see some of the most iconic scenes from the beloved Pixar film, completely given new life (and hilarity), thanks to some censored lines. If you're familiar with the film at all, then you'd know that it's a completely touching and entertaining family film without an ounce of explicit dialogue.

Now with all of this unnecessary censorship, it's become even more hilarious and infused with a certain edge that wasn't there before. It just goes to show you what a bit of creative editing can accomplish.

Some of our favorite lines include the various interactions between Marlin and Dory, especially when Dory's famous repeated line, "Just keep swimming!" is replaced with "Just keep ****ing!" It's almost too funny for words. We found it pretty strange that the seagulls didn't all just scream expletives instead of "mine!" Still, hilarity can be found all around.

We dare you to stifle all of your laughter as you watch the footage of the 'Finding Nemo' scenes that are filled with bleeped out words. We're pretty sure that this is the only way you'll see a Disney-Pixar movie that's chock full of expletives, so take advantage of the magic of the Internet and watch the video above! Don't forget to check 'Frozen' censored as well!

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