Everyone knows it costs money to raise a child, but it’s the unforeseen expenses that really add up.

A five-year-old boy in England named Danny Kitchen recently downloaded the game 'Zombies vs. Ninjas' for free on his parents’ iPad after getting his father’s permission. However, Danny soon came across a screen asking if he’d like to purchase some ammunition, which was most definitely not free. Because Danny had the passcode, he started to help himself to a slew of bombs that could tear a hole throughout most of Western Europe.

When all was said and done, little Danny had spent a not-so little bill of nearly $2,600. Even more amazing is the fact he ran up the bill in about 10 minutes.

Unfortunately for Danny’s parents, a settlement with Apple in which charges are nullified if a child spends more than $30 is only good in the US, which means his folks are going to have to cough up the cash for his blunder.

And that means there's no "app-y" ending for this story.

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